Holder For Haas BMT65 Turret Face Wedge Clamp (1" Square O.D. Tools)

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Lathe Turret Face Wedge/Clamp for 1" OD Tooling 

This is a wedge block tool holder that is used for clamping BMT65 Tool Block lathe OD tools to the turret.

Bolt center spacing is 1.26"  (32mm)

Length is 2.75"

Comes with (2) M8x1.25 cap screws

M8x1.25 tapped hole for tool release

Slotted and pined for proper alignment and assembly


Made in the USA  

(If you need any special size made either for Haas, Okuma, Mazak, Puma, Mori Hitachi Seiki, Harding, ect. Contact me and I'll have them made for you at a comparable price.)