Coolant Nozzle Block for Hwacheon CNC Lathe 1" Tooling

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Coolant Nozzle Block for Hwacheon Lathes

This coolant nozzle block fits Hwacheon Hi-TECH 100A, 100B, 200A, 200B Series lathes. Very durable coolant nozzle upgrade. Also great option for stripped out coolant threads.  


Dimension 1.5"x3.62"x3/4"


Comes with:

(2) M8 cap screws

(1) 15mm Ball Nozzle for CNC Lathe 45 Degree w/ Threads


Made in the USA

    (If you need any special size made either for Haas, Okuma, Mazak, Puma, Mori Hitachi Seiki, Harding, ect. Contact me and I'll have them made for you at a comparable price.)