EM 1/2-1.25-6-S7/16-r1/32

1/2" x 6" Long Deep Side 4 Flute Carbide Endmill TiSiN Coated Mill Cutter

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1/2" Deep Side Carbide Endmill TiSiN Coated

These endmills are designed for milling tall deep sides without a lot of tool pressure to limit chatter and give a nice surface finish. The flutes are slightly larger then the shank to allow clearance not to mar the sides allowing you to mill much deeper than the 2.5D flute length. Great for finishing deep pockets or sides without an extra large tool and at quicker surface speeds due to its solid shank. 

Item Description:

 - 4 Flutes

- 6" Overall Length

- 1/2" Cutter Diameter

- 1.25" Flute Length

- 7/16" Shank Diameter

- 1/32" Corner Radius

- TiSiN Coated

-  Made from High Quality Japanese Micro-grain Carbide Rods